Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Concrete Column Flower Planter

This beautiful column flower pot used to be a bird bath. My sister gave it to me because I have loved it for years. I love her!!! I used the top of the pillar for months as a holding ground for my succulents. When I became brave...I decided to spray paint both pieces.

Here is the column before it got a fresh coat of primer. The column was pretty amazing how it was, but I wanted something more dramatic looking for my front door.

Here it is with a fresh coat of Kilns Primer. I love that stuff! I can already see a whole new look.

This column has primer on it then I sprayed a light coat of American Accents Stone spray paint on the right side. You can see the difference. I love what beautiful texture it adds to the column. It also ages the piece and makes it feel more Tuscany.

I really enjoyed this spray paint. The price of the paint was a bit steep. I am all about saving money, but it turned out to be worth the price once the project was completed.  I think the newly painted planter looks  lovely.

My husband glued the 2 pieces together with tile mortar. I sprayed it and left the garage and waited for it to dry. When I came back to the garage the planter was on the cement in 2 pieces, the column cracked around 8 inches and the bottom was chipped. I about died! I stood the 2 pieces up and decided to walked away for a day to think about what I would do with it now.

Soooo pretty!
The next day I thought I would use my limited skills to repair it. Using cement mortar I glued it back together and filled in the cracks with cement using a toothpick. That was a bit tedious so I lathered it on my fingers and  filled in the holes that way instead. I wiped the excess off with wet wipes. Did I mention that I love wet wipes! What did I use before I had kids. I can use wipes for just about everything! Then I spray painted it with a few extra coats of textured spray paint. It turned out in the end and I still love it.
Here is the finished project below.
 Here is the beautiful Tuscany column and I love it.
Simple and elegant! Just what I like.
 So the moral of the story is....don't give up when things don't go your way. There is usually a way to fix the problem if you think on it for a while.


  1. Oh that is beautiful. How sad that it broke in the middle of renovating it, good for you for sticking it out. I would love to have that on my front porch. Meg, you could turn all of these talents into a business if you wanted! (Oh also I loved your baby wipes comment. Varian's always wondering how I go through baby wipes so fast - aren't they so handy?!)