Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DYI White and Orange Spring Wreath

I had a spring blossom tree I used each year as a Spring table decoration. The blossoms were falling off and I thought some of the twigs still looked good, so I used wire cutters and cut off each of the twigs to use in a wreath. The white blossoms made a perfect base for a Spring wreath.
The green stem above is what is left over from the tree and it went in the garbage. All the beautiful blossoms were reused in the wreath. I believe in the 3 R' I reduced, reused, and recycled most of the spring tree decoration.

After wrapping each twig around the others I added a small twig of orange berries I had stashed in a box to give it a little spring color. Then I grabbed the only orange ribbon I own and tied a bow. Simple, yet perfect for spring.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wreath scratching door???

 My wreaths scratch my front door when it is opened or the wind blows. So for the last 3 years I have just dealt with it and took my wreath off every time the wind blew. Then it dawned on me that I could solve the problem! 
 I cut a felt circle and removed the center then glued it on the back of my wreath.
 It took a matter of 15 minutes and I could have done it years ago. What was I thinking?
 Blue wasn't my first choice of felt color but that is what I had on hand so I use it and it is not noticeable from the front of the wreath.
No more Scratches when the wind blows!!!

Refashioned Silver Dangling Earings

Take a look at my purchased jewelry for my sister-in-laws wedding reception! Pretty fancy and huge! 
The earrings were too long for the occasion and I didn't want to return them because they were such a good deal, so I took the earrings apart and made 3 sets of earrings.  I used my jewelry tools and made 3 different sets of earrings using the original set of jewelry.

Do the pearls look familiar?
3 pairs of earrings for $3.20! What a bargain!

Pink and Black Fabric Hair Flowers

After layering many fabric circles one top of each other and gluing them together with a hot glue gun they are ready for embellishments!
Walmart has inexpensive buttons to use for this project.  I cut off the bulging back metal loop with wire cutters then hot glued the buttons on the flowers. I love how charming the crystal buttons look in the center of these fabric flowers. 
Burning the edges of the fabric makes the circles curl up like a real flower.
Here are the finished flowers.
 I glued metal hair clips on the back so my daughter can wear them in her hair.

Refashioned Long Sleeved Black Dress

I was on the search for a Black sleeveless dress to go under my new blouse I bought for a wedding. I couldn't find one that I wanted to pay for, so I looked in my closet and found this dress hanging there, calling my name. I have only worn it a couple times because the sleeves are too long and it looks like I am going to a funeral. So.....the idea popped into my head...cut the sleeves off! Dress it up a bit! So I did.
The dress was too bulky when combined with the blouse I picked, so I got out my handy fabric tool and unpicked the both sleeves.
 Below is how it looked after I took the sleeves off. Not too bad!

After folding over the edges of the sleeve hole, I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and sewed around the opening. I don't wear sleeveless clothing by itself, but I do like to wear them under blouses, shirts, and sweaters.

Here is the finished product. I think it turned out nice and it fit well during the wedding. 
This dress looks good with just about anything over the top!