Friday, August 17, 2012

Colorful Garden Veggies

 Fresh...delicious...colorful...delightfully home grown garden veggies. 
After having my fourth child 2 months ago, I thought I wouldn't ever see my own veggies grow to maturity. By some miracle they survived and I eat the tasty vegetables each day. My body has been craving the important vitamins in these organic garden veggies. 

Years ago, my Aunt Mary created a stunning centerpiece on her table by using garden carrots. What a creative idea! I have always loved the way the carrot stems flop and are so beautiful, not to mention the eye-catching vibrant orange color. This centerpiece would add such charm to an Easter Party wouldn't it? 

Sometimes a simple centerpiece makes a BIG statement. 

Storing Garden Onions

 I found a cheep way to store and prolong the life of my garden fresh Walla Walla onions. 
You got it!.........Pantyhose! No kidding. I purchased bran new hose at Walmart for $1.00 and cut the legs apart. After inserting each onion I tied a knot so the onions wouldn't touch each other. I don't want them to spoil each other by touching. I tied a loop knot at the top and suspended the onions in my basement food storage room.  It is a moderately dry area to store my onions. I really want them to last! more onions sitting on my counter.

 This variety of onion will only keep stored this way for a few weeks, 
but hey... It beats eating 30 huge onions in one day right?
 Hanging the onions separately and not on a surface allows for air to circulate through the onions. 
Now, whenever I am cooking with onions, I cut the hose right below the end of a knot and I have a delicious home grown onion ready to eat!