Thursday, May 19, 2016

Spring Tulips in Utah!

There is nothing more beautiful than bright red tulips blooming in the Spring! My yard has splashes of red and yellow in Spring! I love being a master gardener and enjoying the fruits of my labor! God created a beautiful world and I am happy to be living in it and working with the earth.

Christmas Snowman Pieced Quilt

This is my most recent quilt creation. A lady I visit teach gave me a wonderful jellyroll of Christmas fabrics and so I cut them down into rectangles and sewed them together to make a small lap quilt. I love the colors and the simpleness of the quilt pattern.

Pink Fondant Rose Cake

My daughter and I made this cake out of pink fondant and buttercream frosting. We had a lovely time working together to make these cute roses. Not bad for our first attempt!