Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BYU Themed Birthday Cake

This Brigham Young University themed birthday cake was really fun to make. My friends daughters birthday was the same day as the BYU Football game. So.....hence the Y's and the Navy Blue and White colored Poka-Dots. 

Here is how I made the cake:    After the cakes were cooled, I filled the center with buttercream frosting. Then I crumb coated both cakes with frosting. 

 I used fondant to cover both cakes.

 I like the smooth look of fondant on a cake.

 I used Satin Ice fondant to cover the cake. It works wonderfully and can be purchased at Orson Gigi. It is a bit pricey but gets the job done right!

 Using a fondant smoother, I smoothed out the white/vanilla fondant. So far, so good.

 Here are the 2 tiers after the dowels were put inside to hold the cake upright and help the cake from shifting.

  Here is the creative part: I used different tools to cut shapes out of the Navy Blue Fondant. I didn't have colored fondant so I mixed food colors to make the White Satin Ice fondant a dark Navy Blue. My hands were stained for a while after. 

 Here is the fun Y cake all finished!

 I think it turned out fun for a teenager that loves BYU. 

 I put the grass on the cake to represent BYU's football field grass.
 Happy Birthday Alex!

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