Thursday, September 1, 2011

Canning Chopped Tomatoes

Here are the beauties! My garden keeps on producing tomatoes like mad. I am loving it! My husband will be happy I am saving him money by canning these babies! Bring on the Red delicious tomatoes.

I mixed the Beef Stake, Roma, and Lg. Cherry tomatoes to make this batch of chopped canned tomatoes. You know me, I can't waste a thing! 

Here is my lovely canning pot on the stove. My husband gave this to me as a gift last year for my birthday. Who knew I would become a domesticated canning woman. 

Here are the beautiful chopped tomatoes nicely preserved in pint sized jars. I can't wait to eat them in the fall when I am craving tomatoes again :).

Awe....delicious tomatoes!!!

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  1. So we just build a boxed - veggie garden and I've been wondering if I could start canning. Do you have to have a pressure cooker to do it? Maybe do a post about the process itself of canning. My favorite veggie still is my parent's home bottled green beans. They just aren't as good fresh - they're all squeaky - however I do like them fried in butter and garlic but then that's cheating. :) Good for you for canning.