Monday, August 29, 2011

Refashioned Toddler Dress to Shirt

I received this cute dress from a friend and decided to refashion it because it had a black stain on the front. I refashioned it into a cute shirt for my daughter. Here are the steps it took to transform this Pink dress into a dressy shirt.
Here is the finished project. This was a nice DYI project that was free and fun to do.
Here are some pictures of the process it took to make this dress into a cute toddler shirt.
I cut the bottom half of the dress off where the stain was. 
I cut the lining off underneath the top layer too.
I measured the length of the dress on my daughter and cut off the fabric near her waist line. After it was cut it looked more like a cute shirt.
I folded the fabric twice on the bottom of the newly refashioned shirt and pressed it with an iron.
Then I hemmed the bottom of the shirt as well as the lining.
The refashioned shirt looked great once it was finished, but there were still some minor stains on the front so I used some of the leftover dress fabric and created 3 fabric flowers.
I found some old buttons and covered them with with the same dress fabric and adhered them to the flowers. 
Fabric Flower completed to match shirt.
Here is the finished refashioned dress to shirt project. It was fun to cut apart clothing that I did not pay for. It made the 'cutting apart' easier. I think it turned out better than I expected. I would have positioned the flowers higher on the dress, but given the location of the wasn't an option.

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