Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moroni's Quest Banner

Here is a quick banner I made out of Brown velvet curtains. The fabric was perfect for this project because it was stiff and easy to work with.
I cut the curtains at the top where the rod would normally hang, into a triangle.
Using an indoor latex paint I had in the garage, I dipped my foam brush into the paint and dabbed it on the fabric using a letter stencil I printed off my computer.
I used latex paint because if it got wet while I was camping it wouldn't bleed like some other paints. Plus, it was cheep because I already had plenty on hand.
I stenciled the word Moroni onto each triangle and laid them out to dry over night.
Here is the finished product.
This banner was a quick free project that was great to display at camp. It represented our Youth's Camp theme and was a fun added touch.
I braided a rope out of an old bed skirt ruffle. I took 3 long strips of fabric and braided them while the paint was drying. I used a crochet hook to thread the braid through the top tab of each triangle on the banner. The banner measured about 5-7 feet.
I tied the banner to 2 bushes at camp. The trees weren't close enough in the area we were camping in.

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