Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Flowers in Full Bloom!

Blue Perennial Salvia. The Bees love it! I hear buzzing each time I weed and I smile thinking they are busily gathering nectar from my plants to make honey. GO...BEES GO!!!
Here is one of my favorite perennials.....Hen & Chick. I love them to pieces. They multiply all the time and are as small as my fingernail to as large as my hand with fingers spread. They are so beautiful in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. How great is that? They are sun lovers and really don't need a lot of maintenance. They grow well in containers, and in rock walls. Hens & chicks prefer the sun and grow in dry areas.
Beautiful Orange flower. Re-seeds itself and is very beautiful in the summer.
Peony before it blooms. It is in need of Iron. The leaves are not green enough. I will fix that one!
Pink Peony After it blooms! So big it falls over and I need to stake it up. Look at the foliage after the Iron was added to the soil. What a difference. My soil has a lot of iron, but the plant can't take it up as readily because it is locked in the soil. So....I have to add more to green some of my plants up.
Pink trailing mini petunia.
Pink trailing petunia. A must for any container. A bit Pricey...but worth every penny for a nice flowering container.
Orange Tall Lily. I love these full plants with wispy Orange lily's on the top. They spread like weeds but I love them!
Stone Crop is a great ground cover plant. I love that it is low to the ground and fills in the voids in my flower gardens. It spreads and is great in rock gardens.
Pink Flowering Oriental Lily. I love the freckle like dots in the center. What a beauty!
Tall Pink Oriental Lily. Great for the back of a flowerbed. Adds height and beautiful color.
Purple and White Pansies mixed with Green Michigan Ferns. Great combination for the shade garden. I love how the Pansies Pop with color!
Red Weigela Flowering Bush


  1. I have decided to hire you to landscape my flower bed. How do you feel about that?!?! You're flowers are beautiful and you have a natural talent :) So excited to see you tomorrow!!

  2. SO so pretty. I've never heard of plants needing iron. Did you learn that in your gardening class? Very impressive. Beautiful flowers and I like the photos, some have this pretty faze out edging- is that photo shopped? It looks great!