Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

Nature has always inspired me and filled me with awe. I love to see little colorful butterflies in my yard. Here is one I saw this week. Its wings are a bit tattered by the crazy weather I suppose. Seeing a beautiful butterfly always reminds me that there is a God. How else could such a beautiful thing come to be?

I love shade gardens and the plants that we find there. Here are a few from my garden. I love the dramatic Red and of course the Purple pansies! Who doesn't love flowers? When they bloom it reminds me that all the work to plant and care for them was worth it.
These little buttons fascinate me. Little English buttons are so beautiful and spread like weeds. Perfect if you have a lot of space to fill in. Lovely little things in the Spring! I only wish they lasted all year round. Keep on coming flowers!!!

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  1. The blog looks great - well done! I love that your coral bells are so beautiful (they all came from my Grandpa's yard and he loved sharing them with everyone, so it makes me happy to know some of his starts are everywhere). I love the English buttons - are they for shade? I have lots of shade to fill in the backyard, so I may have to steal some starts in the fall!