Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Refashioned Long Sleeved Black Dress

I was on the search for a Black sleeveless dress to go under my new blouse I bought for a wedding. I couldn't find one that I wanted to pay for, so I looked in my closet and found this dress hanging there, calling my name. I have only worn it a couple times because the sleeves are too long and it looks like I am going to a funeral. So.....the idea popped into my head...cut the sleeves off! Dress it up a bit! So I did.
The dress was too bulky when combined with the blouse I picked, so I got out my handy fabric tool and unpicked the both sleeves.
 Below is how it looked after I took the sleeves off. Not too bad!

After folding over the edges of the sleeve hole, I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and sewed around the opening. I don't wear sleeveless clothing by itself, but I do like to wear them under blouses, shirts, and sweaters.

Here is the finished product. I think it turned out nice and it fit well during the wedding. 
This dress looks good with just about anything over the top!

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