Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DYI White and Orange Spring Wreath

I had a spring blossom tree I used each year as a Spring table decoration. The blossoms were falling off and I thought some of the twigs still looked good, so I used wire cutters and cut off each of the twigs to use in a wreath. The white blossoms made a perfect base for a Spring wreath.
The green stem above is what is left over from the tree and it went in the garbage. All the beautiful blossoms were reused in the wreath. I believe in the 3 R' I reduced, reused, and recycled most of the spring tree decoration.

After wrapping each twig around the others I added a small twig of orange berries I had stashed in a box to give it a little spring color. Then I grabbed the only orange ribbon I own and tied a bow. Simple, yet perfect for spring.

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