Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Small White Dresser Redo and Redo again...



 So I began distressing this small dresser....
 Then I thought I would antique it.....not the look I was going for so I painted some more. 

 Then I added dark Jacobean min-wax stain with cloth. Cool look, but too rustic for my home. Plus my husband said it looked fake. I thought it was sort of unique looking.  So... on with more layers of min-wax stain and 4 new legs to add height to the dresser.  This time I applied the stain with a cheep foam brush. I applied thick layers of Dark Walnut stain that I purchased at Home Depot. I had to let my project sit in the garage for weeks to dry. And I mean weeks! I am not a very patient person but it turned out well.
Lovely looking I think. Not perfect, but a much needed improvement!

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