Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bed skirt to layered Skirt

The 3 R's (REDUCE, REUSE, & RECYCLE) were my allies on this project! I had a linen bed skirt that my sister gave to me. I got this crazy idea that it would look cute as a skirt with layers. I am not sure where that idea came from....but after hours of cutting and sewing it worked. :)

I thought I would make my daughter one as well....I had plenty of leftover bed skirt material and you know me, I can't waste good material!
Step 1: Cut apart existing bed skirt dust ruffle. After this part there is no turning back!
Step 2: Line up all the ruffles and measure to the right length.
Step 3: Cut liner out of another skirt and sew into new skirt. Thank you mom for your skirt liner! I love it. :)
Step 4: Make curly flowers to accessorize the skirt and add a little touch of feminineness to the Tan and Cream look. I loved the flowers so much I made some to go in my daughters hair and some for embellishing a blouse of mine. They are so addicting to make!

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  1. Look how resourceful you are! I love it - especially that you made twinner versions. Can't wait to see you guys modeling them!