Saturday, December 7, 2013

1 Year Old TV Remote Smash Cake cute 1 year old has a thing for remotes, cell phones, and everything electronic! What a better way to celebrate him and his favorites then by making a smash cake that looks like the real deal right? I love to make birthdays extra special.

Smash Cake Remote with Rice Crispy Batteries
 I started by drawing a really rough sketch of the two remotes my son likes.
Here is the fondant Remote without edible food ink. Looks pretty close don't you think! My son will be so surprised when he bites into this baby!

 Step 1: Dirty Ice the cake.
Step 2: Add fondant.
Step 3: Make circles and various shapes for top of remote cake.
Step 4: Finalize fondant buttons and adhere them with sugar water.
Finished Smash Cake ready for my son to devour!

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