Friday, June 1, 2012

Red & Black Refashioned Maternity Blouse

Long Sleeved Maternity Blouse BEFORE & AFTER.

I was in need of summer shirts, so I went to my closet and thought hum...which one of these beauties needs a bit of refashioning? 
You guessed it...this baby! Out came this scissors and the sewing machine.
I placed a shirt on top of the blouse to be refashioned as my guide for the sleeve cut. Then I cut an inch below that line to insure adequate material for the hem on the sleeve. The first cut is always the hardest. ONCE that is over...the fun begins!
I ironed the sleeves under a couple times and then sewed a nice straight hem stitch.

All ready to go!

Now, a usable summer blouse for those not so cold days!

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