Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adding Elastic Waistband to Shorts son won't wear shorts that are loose. Delema...he has a pair of shorts given to him by his Aunt that are darling but..... that are 3-4 inches too loose in the waist. I began tackling this project head on. I got some elastic from another pair of pants that I was throwing away and cut it into 2 pieces. Then I cut a slit in the inside wasteband area of the shorts.
 I hand sewed a button hole looking slit. not too professional but who is going to look there right?
 Then I hand sewed a button next to the hole. Pretty tricky considering I didn't want to sew through the other side of the shorts.
 I inserted the elastic band about 3-4 inches and sewed it in place. I sewed underneath a belt loop so that no one would know that we changed the inside of the shorts.
 I slipped the button onto the elastic and VOILA! Shorts that fit! 
My son now wears these shorts a couple times a week.